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Diverse Hiring Isn’t Enough: The 4 Pillars of Becoming an Anti-Racist Organization

This year has been challenging — to say the least — in many, many ways, from a global pandemic exposing inequities in healthcare, education, and working conditions to renewed attention on police brutality leading to calls for an end to systemic racism. There is barely an area of life that has not been touched by...
October 28, 2020

How to Create Job Security for Life

Article by Michael Pietrzak A lifetime ago, I worked with a woman we’ll call Martha, who flew into a minor rage when she learned that a coworker from another department had been promoted over her. Martha’s reaction surprised me — not because we were in the middle of a full staff meeting, but because she...
October 28, 2020

Jobs: The antagonist of mental health.

This is where the wonderful world of freelancing comes to play. A refreshing way to generate income in an unruly economical climate.
October 27, 2020

Have You Tried These 5 Out-of-the-Box Ways to Source Candidates?

When you think of candidate sourcing, you probably immediately think of publishing ads on job boards, looking for fresh college graduates, or scouting for talent on LinkedIn. Although these techniques may bring in some numbers, they do not ensure quality. When attracting and sourcing candidates, it is …
October 27, 2020

Are We Unnecessarily Limiting the Talent Pool by Requiring University Degrees?

In a year when most everything seems to be “unprecedented,” we can add to the list the fact that we are now in the longest period of year-on-year decline in people productivity since measurement began in the early 20th century. For the past 10 years, we have seen continued downward pressure on productivity numbers. It...
October 27, 2020

The Ideal Worker in the Age of AI: Doing What the Machines Cannot

As technology continues to advance, humans will encounter new challenges that change the way we live and work. In our quest to leverage tech to make our lives easier, we sometimes fail to notice the negative impacts these innovations may have until it’s too late. The very same advances that make our lives more comfortable often displace a lot...
October 27, 2020

How Barrick Gold Uses Video Interviews to Modernize the Hiring Process

Throughout the past year, many organizations have had to modernize their hiring processes — quickly. One multinational organization got ahead of the game by prioritizing a modern hiring process early on. The effort began when the team realized they spent too much time recruiting and screening candidates for their high-volume roles. Automating elements of the...
October 24, 2020

The First 90 Days: 10 Steps to Help You Ace a New Role

The first 90 days in a new role are extremely important — in fact, they can determine your overall success or failure in that role. That’s the basic premise of Michael D. Watkins’ best-seller, The First 90 Days: Proven Strategies for Getting Up to Speed Faster and Smarter. In his book, Watkins talks about what...
October 24, 2020

Building Communities: How to Keep Professional Events Engaging in the Age of Remote Work

The pandemic has changed the way work is done, and talent leaders must now master new approaches to recruiting and managing employees. While the pandemic has thwarted many traditional in-person events, recruiters and HR pros still need to connect with their colleagues to keep up with the trends and ideas shaping the future of work. Virtual events can...
October 24, 2020

New Study Finds Gig Work May Serve as a Social Safety Net

No one wants to find themselves staring down the barrel of a pink slip — just ask the tens of millions of Americans who lost work this past spring as the COVID-19 pandemic hit. New research, however, suggests the gig economy may be able to take some of the sting out of unemployment for many workers. In
October 23, 2020

Making Inspirational Hires: How to Identify a Candidate Chemistry Match

The most critical aspect of being a successful business leader is building a company that inspires innovation and productivity. Your ability to identify bright people with the right skills who fit into your company culture is an art worth mastering. One wrong person can negatively affect your culture. You can work well with almost anyone...
October 23, 2020

Ready, Set, Recruit: Great Company Culture Begins With Recruitment

Most candidates ask their potential employers in-depth questions about the company during an interview. According to Gallup, “high-quality” candidates tend to ask questions that focus on a company’s culture and whether its values align with their own. But does culture begin with the company and end with its workforce, or vice versa? The answer is simple:...
October 22, 2020
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